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Wellbeing at the Bar blog: Calum Lamont

TECBAR runs an Occasional Mentoring Scheme for its members, pursuant to which junior lawyers are able to approach more senior members for guidance, help and support during the early years of practice. This reflects the position in many sets of chambers whose members are also members of TECBAR.

Recently, a junior member of the construction Bar faced a major and very difficult decision as to the future course of their professional career. That person sought help under the TECBAR Occasional Mentoring Scheme. The Scheme administrators identified a construction silk whose career appeared to have significant parallels with that of the applicant, and who had volunteered their services as a member of the panel of TECBAR mentors. Mentor and mentee met and spoke on a number of occasions. The mentor provided help and support which enabled the mentee not only to make the decision but also to implement it effectively. The results were life-changing for the mentee and wholly positive.

Obviously the take-up of mentoring services will vary and may ultimately be a relatively infrequently used device, but as the above example shows, it has the potential to, and indeed does, make a big difference.

Calum Lamont practices in construction litigation and arbitration from Keating Chambers in London.