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Case Studies

Click on the organisations below (all recipients of the Bar Council's Certificate of Recognition) to find out about different wellbeing initiatives in chambers, Specialist Bar Associations and the Inns of Court. If you need help or want advice, contact us.  

Certificate of Recognition

The Bar Council has introduced a Certificate of Recognition as a means of acknowledging the huge efforts made across the profession to support the wellbeing of barristers, clerks and chambers’ staff.

In the first round, 29 certificates were awarded at the Annual Bar Conference 2017 for a wide range of activities. Whilst many chambers, SBAs and Inns have introduced new policies, governance arrangements and a wide range of initiatives, we also acknowledge others who are just starting out with something simple like a yoga or mindfulness class.

We have been delighted by the response to the wellbeing certificate initiative and – judging by the applications – the efforts of so many across the Bar to promote resilience and wellbeing. Congratulations to all the recipients. We will be publishing case studies from our recipients on the Wellbeing at the Bar website over the next few weeks. Do take the time to look at them. The ideas, impact on chambers and tips from others at the Bar will provide both inspiration and rich pickings for anyone interested in setting something up in their own organisation.

Rachel Spearing, Former Chair of Wellbeing at the Bar

Just to provide a flavour of the wide range of initiatives introduced across the Bar:

  • Active Listening training
  • Dragon Boat racing
  • Re-introducing chambers tea as way of getting together to support each other
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Mentoring programmes and training
  • Volunteering
  • Mental Health and Resilience Training
  • Checklists for clerks on supporting barristers
  • Appointing wellbeing officers
  • Signing up to initiatives like MIND’s Workplace Wellbeing Index or Local Government charters
  • Wellbeing surveys

The intention is to make this a quarterly initiative. Applications are now open and will close 1 September 2019.

If your organisation can demonstrate a commitment to wellbeing through a policy, programme or initiative, and would like to apply for a Certificate of Recognition, please download an application form here and submit it to

Further information regarding the rules for entry can be found here.

The information and resource packs on this website are designed to help you and your colleagues to work as a community for better wellbeing and professional resilience. If you want to provide feedback on these resources, or to get involved in promoting wellbeing please get in touch.

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It can be difficult to make a living from law and it can be pressurised and demanding. Competition and an adversarial approach to everything can make collegiate relationships difficult. This website aims to provide you with the knowledge to manage these stressors, make emotionally informed, wise professional decisions and thrive in your chosen profession.

A simple expression that sums up wellbeing is ‘travelling well’

Psychological wellbeing within the profession is rarely spoken about