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Invictus Chambers

This case study may be useful if you are looking for examples of promoting wellbeing initiatives.

Invictus Chambers ran a resilience course for members and staff which was designed to help participants learn how to manage the daily stress of work and to be more efficient.

What did the Chambers do?

Chambers ran a 1 day course for 15 delegates (Members of Chambers, Pupils and Clerks). Content was also made available to individuals in a one to one coaching format. Course content included:

1. The concept of stress and resilience – exploring the difference between stress and resilience;
2. an introduction to resilience skills;
3. the concept of Emotional Intelligence;
4. Positive Cognitive Thinking;
5. Interpersonal Effectiveness (including communication, empathy and the importance of social networks);
6. Lifestyle Support; and
7. Developing an Action Plan


Course delivery was stimulating enabling meaningful discussion. There was also an opportunity to explore options and solutions, and to practice the new resilience techniques presented.

Delegates took away a comprehensive workbook which everyone agreed would became a resource for the rest of their lives, to enable them to maintain optimum resilience.

They agreed on a short follow up session to be held 3 months after the original course to help participants revisit and reinforce learning.

They are also developing online/written materials on this topic.

“Invictus has started its wellbeing journey with a course designed to explain stress and introduce key concepts of wellbeing and resilience to members, pupils and staff. This is a sensible approach and a practical way to introduce wellbeing to chambers, good to see too plans to reinforce learning with a repeat session and a chambers wellbeing guide/tips. We hope to see them back up this learning with a chambers’ policy and other initiatives soon.”

Wellbeing at the Bar Working Group

What were the results?

Because of the course, members felt better able to understand the concept of stress and resilience (and measure their own stress and resilience) and to make simple lifestyle changes to increase their resilience.


  • A basic course to improve understanding of stress and the simple lifestyle choices that participants can make to improve their own wellbeing is a great way to introduce wellbeing to chambers.

The information and resource packs on this website are designed to help you and your colleagues to work as a community for better wellbeing and professional resilience. If you want to provide feedback on these resources, or to get involved in promoting wellbeing please get in touch.

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It can be difficult to make a living from law and it can be pressurised and demanding. Competition and an adversarial approach to everything can make collegiate relationships difficult. This website aims to provide you with the knowledge to manage these stressors, make emotionally informed, wise professional decisions and thrive in your chosen profession.

A simple expression that sums up wellbeing is ‘travelling well’

Psychological wellbeing within the profession is rarely spoken about