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Littleton Chambers

This case study may be useful if you are looking for examples of developing a wellbeing policy, increasing awareness of wellbeing and/or promoting wellbeing initiatives.

Littleton Chambers has introduced a diverse wellbeing programme to encourage members and staff to feel supported and empowered both internally and externally. Chambers recognises that mental health and general wellbeing are important factors in individual success, both professional and otherwise.

By supporting mental health and general wellbeing, Chambers looks to create a positive and empowering environment in which to work.

What was the business (other case) for action?

Chambers has grown significantly in recent years and expanded into additional premises as well as having a number of members who often work remotely. This is obviously a positive sign of the commercial success of members, but they wanted to ensure that it did not come at the expense of health and personal wellbeing.

What did the Chambers do?

They formed a small group to co-ordinate wellbeing initiatives in Chambers working with the EDOs.  Ideas were presented to the management commitment and budget sought for a variety of activities.  Current activities and plans include:

  • EAP policy with Health Assured which is widely publicised within chambers on noticeboards, in kitchens, by email and by way of individual contact card
  • Regular charity teas sponsored by a member for a charity of their choice
  • Re-introducing Chambers’ tea on a weekly basis
  • Organising a family day for members to bring children and other family members together in the summer
  • Weekly newsletters about Chambers’ events
  • Termly drinks
  • Workplace assessments looking at desk set ups
  • Yoga
  • Dragon-boat racing
  • And more to come…

What were the results?

The initiatives have been warmly received in Chambers.  The results include:

  • Greater interaction between colleagues and staff on a social basis, making it easier for people to speak openly about their professional and personal lives;
  • Support for members and staff on a confidential basis with 24/7 counselling available and options for CBT and other assistance;
  • A general increase in awareness of the importance of protecting one’s health in order to perform roles to the best of their ability

“Littleton has introduced an impressive array of wellbeing related events and activities ranging from yoga to dragon boat racing. All backed by clear communications and an EAP. It is good to see such value placed on bringing members together (re-introducing chambers’ tea on a weekly basis and creating other regular opportunities for members and staff) to connect and support each other socially.”

Wellbeing at the Bar Working Group


  • EAP is a cost effective way of supporting members and staff
  • Vary the activities so that they are as inclusive as possible
  • When a person proposes an idea, encourage them to lead on it with support so that members and staff feel invested and empowered

The information and resource packs on this website are designed to help you and your colleagues to work as a community for better wellbeing and professional resilience. If you want to provide feedback on these resources, or to get involved in promoting wellbeing please get in touch.

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